About Us

A life long passion for horses, and in particular the beautiful Arabian horse, a fondness for photography and a passion for Adobe Photoshop have combined to bring unique designs of horses and people that have been in my life.

Living and working on a small horse stud in the Lockyer Valley, south east Queensland, there is plenty of inspiration for my designs. Our horses, the local wildlife, scenes of country life and beautiful spots like Lake Wivenhoe, just down the road, provide wonderful and inspiring subjects for my camera.

I've partnered with friend and photographer, Sharon Meyers, who shares my passion for the Arabian horse and a number of my designs are based on her images. Sharon has been fortunate to travel to several countries in the Middle East, following her love of the Arabian horse and recorded the people and landscapes as well as the horses, on her camera. 


For more of my art visit my online art galleries at janiceo.com.au:

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